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Slim is first fully portable  6-axis collaborative robot (robot) that can be taken literally to the ends of the Earth. It even comes with a flexible environmental sock to keep out water, sand and grit so it’s entirely suitable for most tough environments. 


Slim packs down into 5 cases all weighing under 30kg. This includes the flight safe lithium pack.


Slim can be rapidly programmed on location and uses it's unique 'Forced Torque Head' that allows the camera to be positioned by hand. (unlike other cine-robot arms). Programming can be done via hand guiding the camera on the robot or with operator controls in any combination. Once keyframes are set, the path is designed using Slim's path planning tools. One of the key advantages of Slim is the very fast set up times for even the most complex moves.

Slim by D2Motion & Motion Picture Robotics

6 axis position control cine-robot

Slim Product Keyed 01.png

- 1.3 Meter [4.25 feet] Radius  with a reach of2.6 meter [8.5 feet] 

- Speeds Up to 3 m/s (1.5-2 m/s practical)

- 6 Axis Position Control (X, Y, Z, Pan, Tilt, Roll)

- Integrated Lens Control up to 3 Axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

- Synchronized Outputs Available

- Frame accurate repeat moves and save moves to come back to later in perfect light

- Camera Payload up to 12.5kg

- 110VAC-240VAC, Single Phase, ~400 Watts peak, ~100 Watts idle

- Robot Arm Weighs 33.5Kg

- Standard Mitchell Mount Adapter

- No PC or Laptop Required

For all Slim enquires please contact:

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