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For over 40 years Richard Kirby has been at the forefront of the high end wildlife film making industry. A pioneer of technical plant time-lapses in the 1980’s and 90’s, he is an expert microscopist and macro specialist with broader experience of filming birds and mammals through the nineties and noughties. He has won over 40 awards including a clutch of Emmy’s and Baftas and is the winner of the coveted Kodak Vision Award for his work on The Private Life of Plants.  


His work has taken him to over 120 countries and in recent years he has been a significant contributor to major nature documentaries and features for the world’s biggest streaming services, including 'Our Planet', 'Life on Our Planet' for Netflix, 'Perfect Planet' for the BBC and 'Tiny World' for Apple. Always pushing new technology to the limits he developed a unique system for filming a motion controlled ultra violet induced fluorescence sequence for the Emmy nominated feature, 'Kangaroo Valley'. 


With assistance from Innovate UK and Innovate Edge, Richard will be bringing the only truly portable 6 axis collaborative cinema robot to Bristol, a first for the UK and the perfect partner to the companies 8K Red Raptor VV camera system with its high frame rate capabilities. A team of talented young camera operators is being trained up over the next few months to bring these exciting new additions to the film makers toolkit and will be available to hire from the last week of January 2024...






EMMY - Winner Outstanding Cinematography: Long Form -BBC- 'One Life' 2015

EMMY – Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography – Human Planet 2012

GREEN SCREEN – Best Film of Festival – ‘Sahara – Life on the Edge’ - 2012

IWFF, Missoula – Honourable Mention Photography, “Wildest Africa – Sahara” 2012

EMMY – Nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement – Cinematography – BBC ‘How Earth Changed History’  2011

BAFTA nomination for principle photography - BBC ‘How Earth Made Us’  2010

WILDSCREEN PANDA for Best Children’s Series  - OTF ‘The Monkey Thieves’ 2010

EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography for non-fiction programme (Team) -  ‘Life’  2010

BAFTA Best Specialist Factual Series - BBC ‘Life in Cold Blood’  2009

WILDSCREEN GOLDEN PANDA Best of Festival - BBC ‘Life in Cold Blood’  2008

KODAK AWARD for Cinematography (Team)  - BBC ‘Planet Earth’ 2007

WILDSCREEN PANDA Best Series - BBC ‘Europe, A Natural History’ 2006

WILDSCREEN PANDA Cinematography (Team) - BBC ‘Planet Earth’ 2006

WILDSCREEN GOLDEN PANDA Best Film – BBC ‘Life in the Undergrowth’ 2006

JACKSON HOLE  Best Limited Series - BBC ‘Europe, A Natural History’ 2005

RTS Nomination for Cinematography – Granada ‘The Dark Side of Elephants’ 2005

JACKSON HOLE Finalist – BBC ‘Nile’ 2005

SHANGHAI FILM FESTIVAL Best Photography - BBC ‘Nile’ 2005

BAFTA nomination photography factual (Team) - BBC ‘The Life of Mammals’ 2002

JACKSON HOLE Finalist – BBC ‘Iguanas: Living Like Dinosaurs’ 2002

BAFTA nomination photography factual – BBC ‘Wild Africa: Forests’ 2002

BAFTA nomination photography factual (Team)l – BBC ‘Blue Planet’ 2002

MISSOULA IWFF Best Photography - BBC ‘Wild Africa: Forests’ 2002

MISSOULA IWFF Best Photography - BBC ‘Iguanas: Living Like Dinosaurs’ 2003

KODAK VISION AWARD – BBC ‘Wild Africa: Jungles’ 2002

FESTIVAL DE L’OISEAU Grand Prix – BBC ‘Attenborough in  Paradise’ 2001

KODAK VISION AWARD – BBC ‘Private Life of Plants’ 1995

EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography for non-fiction programme BBC ‘Private Life of Plants’ 1995

JACKSON HOLE  Grand Teton Award Best Film Series – BBC ‘Realms of the Russian Bear’ 1993

BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography (Team) - BBC ‘The Trials of Life’ 1990

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