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Ground breaking ultra portable 6-axis Cinebot wows wildlife film-making community in Bristol

Richard Kirby

30 Jan 2024

We had an incredible turnout to our game changing cinebot ‘Slim’/Raptor showcase day last week at The Watershed in Bristol with around 80 producers, directors and creatives from the Bristol Wildlife film making community coming for a hands on try out and Q & A with this ground breaking new filming tool.

Our invited guests represented all of the major wildlife film production companies in Bristol including the BBC, Silverback, Wildstar and Plimsoll.

Complex camera moves were set up and recorded in just minutes and we demonstrated just how uniquely portable Slim is and how it can be taken to the remotest parts of the world.

The most pressing takeaway for us was the need for manual override of the pan and tilt axis to cater for unexpected changes of direction of our wildlife subjects and for remote operation so that it can be set up on a displaying bird of paradise or a wolf den and then operated from a safe distance.   These are both features we are now working on with the manufacturers at D2 Motion in Australia and will be available from the Spring.

Based in Stroud and Bristol, Slim, with all of its incredible features is now available to hire through Motion Picture Robotics. We also have full packages available including the Red V-Raptor, Sony FX6, lighting, motion control and a huge range of specialist lenses including the new Laowa Pro2be probe set, Venus compact zooms and Infinity Optics.

Contact Richard Kirby or Adam Kirby at

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