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From the Cotswolds to the Caribbean

There are 3 of us... my partner Pip, Oliver (Ollie) our 9 year old son and me, (57 years old and on my second mid-life crisis!). I've no idea what's to come over the next year or so, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be full of drama, some mundane nuisances like negotiating with shipping companies, airlines and customs and others far more exciting and challenging like building a film studio in a rain forest or finding a place for our earthship! There won't be any sledging or hockey but there will be cricket and swimming with sperm whales.

So over the coming months I will be telling the story of our move from this:

to this!

But for the moment we are still living near Stroud in the Cotswolds and the day of our departure is just around the corner. We're panicking. I'm stuck up in the Arctic filming glaciers and the flowering tundra for the BBC when I really ought to be back home packing stuff into shipping barrels. We've bought the air tickets and we're leaving on the 28th August in time for the hurricane season and the new school year in Dominica.

Right now though I'm trying to figure out why we're leaving our very comfortable life behind in England to start a new, possibly less comfortable one on a tiny tropical island 27 miles long and 13 miles wide! Mind you, where I am it's 5 degrees outside and it's July so that's one good reason for starters.

Already I can see there is much to explain here about how we came to be where we are now, about our reasons for wanting a change of lifestyle and why we chose Dominica. Above all, I need to explain who we are (at least more than just our names) so that's where I'll begin in the next blog.

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