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Equipment Hire Rates

The 7 day weekly rate is 4 x the daily rate.  For long rental periods above 3 weeks I'll be happy to negotiate a fixed price.

Camblock Adventure 3-Axis  Realtime, repeat move, time-lapse and gigapan system for cameras up to  ? With 3m track. The camera can be underslung for tracks close to the ground. 

Remote Focus Control - Heden Motor and piggy back fittings for Camblock Adventure which gives you a 4th axis. Essential for focus pulls during a controlled move.

Camera Dynamics CD 100 Time-lapse and Motion Control Unit  - 20 years on and still the best, the most rugged and versatile time-lapse control box available today. Can be used to control camera, motion (2 units required) , and whatever else you want to control between frame such as growlights, fans studio lights, irrigation. For digital and film. 6 units available

Macro Time-lapse Camera Track - Custom built by Martin Shand at Camera Dynamics. Operates with the camera dynamics CD100 which is included in the rental price. Still the best out there by far! 

Sony Alpha a7S - Clean full frame 4K at extremely high ISO settings.   This is for the body and cage only, but various accessories are available including the Convergent Design Q7+ external 4K recorder. (See below)

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ external 4K/UHD Monitor/Recorder - Apple ProRes and RAW recorder, OLED touchscreen. Perfect  partner to the Sony Alpha a7S. Comes with a rain cover and hood and 2 x 256GB SSD cards

Periscope/Straightscope -  4K cinemascope which can be configures as straight, 90º and 45º prisms. Fixes to a Micro Nikkor 200mm macro lens at the camera end and various wide ange switar lenses at the working end. Great for insects, flowers and reptiles ao anywhere where you want to get the lens right down to ground level. 

Dedo Lights - 3 head LED complete kit with lots of extras including gobos and focus unit Dedolight projection and focus attachment

Kinoflo - 5600K and 3200K tubes and diffusers

Arrii 3 x 800W Redhead lighting kit

Daily Rate

















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