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In addition to real time shooting and camera moves, all of the cameras and the motion control listed on this page can be used for time-lapse or have been designed specifically for this purpose.  


It is all portable so can be used anywhere in the world. Most of it packs into manageable rucksacks for humping up mountains or through rain forests.


Camera Control


I have 6 Camera Dynamics CD100 'Magic Boxes'. These were developed for 'The Private Life of Plants' back in the early 90's but they are still the best, most rugged and versatile time-lapse camera control systems out there.  

Cameras & Lenses



Nikon D810's and D750's camera bodies.

Sony Alpha a7S and R7Mk2

Convergent Design OdysseyQ7+

4K recorder/monitor.



A huge selection of manual and auto Nikon and Sony E-mount optics including:


Wide to Medium Focal Length

Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Lens

Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens

Nikkor 14-24 f2.8

Nikkor 17-35 f2.8

Nikkor 20mm f2.8

Nikkor 24mm f2.8

Nikkor 35mm f2

Nikkor 50mm f1.2

Nikkor 85mm f1.4

Nikkor 135mm f2 


Long Lens

Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8

Nikkor 50-300mm f4,5

Nikkor 300mm f2.8

Nikkor TC301 2x extender


Macro Lenses and Systems

Micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5

Micro Nikkor 60mm f2.8

Micro Nikkor 105mm f2.8

Micro Nikkor 200mm f4

Macro Nikkor 35mm RMS mount

Macro Nikkor 19mm RMS mount

Nikon PB6 Bellows

NikonExtension rings

Macro focus slider

Portable optical bench and macro motion control

Watson upright microscope with custom optics


Specialist Lens and lens Systems

Infiniscope multi lens system to film micro and macro subjects to fiull 8k frame.

4K compatable Periscope/Straightscope with 45 and 90 degree prisms. This has been used for 4K digital cinema many times.


Many lens adaptors including, 'A' (Allstar), PL, Nikon, E,B4, C.  


Aaton XTR Plus Super 16mm Film kit



I have a fully equipped macro and time-lapse studio in Stroud (45 minutes from Whiteladies Road in Bristol) This is fitted with climate control, irrigation systems and a fully computerised growlight system for optimal plant growth.


Filming lights: LED macro lights, LED Dedos, fibre optics, Kinoflo, Bowens and Multiblitz studio stobe lights.


Motion Control: 2 x Camblock Adventure and various custom built computer operated tracks and pan and tilt heads controlled by the Camera Dynamics CD100 magic boxes and integrated with the camera and growlight functions.



Motion Control







Camblock Adventure


This is the bee’s knees. 3 axis plus focus control portable moco rig. 12V system powered by V-locks and Google Nexus.   The Camblock head supports almost any stripped down camera such as the Dragon and Alexa Mini  for amazingly smooth and precise real time and time-lapse moves.  The whole rig (pan and tilt head, focus and 4m track) fits into a small padded backpack.


Camera Dynamics heavy duty time-lapse pan head – 150mm bowl


I’ve used this on top of many a mountain so it is portable, but quite heavy. Perfect for studio work. The computer controls everything from  growlights and irrigation for plant growth to exposure and frame interval as well as pan movement. I last used this head on the summit of Mt Kinabalu for ‘Wonders of the Monsoon’.


Camera Dynamics Macro Time-Lapse Track


This is 18” of  precise macro tracking. The camera will move as slowly as you want.  Take 1 second or 1 year to move the camera 1 inch. The computer controls everything from  growlights and irrigation for plant growth to exposure and frame interval as well as pan movement. Although ideal in the studio, I’ve used it on Mt Kenya in the Borneo rain forests.



Cable Dolly


Up to 100m tracks though the canopy. It has an adaptor to attach the MoVi. See my showreel.

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